Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your data and keep your business running in the event of any disaster

Restore critical data within minutes, not days

Whether it’s hardware failures or natural disasters, TekaByte’s Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions have you covered. We’ll make sure your data remains safe with daily or even hourly backups, best-in-class cloud storage, and reliable data recovery tools. When your server unexpectedly goes offline, our software can completely virtualize it so you can resume business operations quickly.

What’s included in our Backup & Disaster Recovery services


Expert guidance on how to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan

Daily Backups

We’ll create snapshots of your data multiple times during the day

Cloud Storage

We'll create a secure connection you can use to transfer files to our partner data centers

Fast data recovery for your peace of mind

Our intelligent tools will automatically store your confidential data and apps on secure off-site servers. When your business is facing a disaster, our technicians will restore your files and apps quickly, ensuring minimal data loss and downtime. We’ll also test your backup systems regularly to make sure they’re always ready to work when they are needed.